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Various Health Problems That Are Seen in Dogs

When your dog actually suffers from any kind of health problems, then you will lose sleep. This is because all of us love pets a lot and when it comes to dogs, we share a very personal bond with them. So let us take a look at some common problems that are seen in most dogs.
There are some eye problems that occur in dogs. They are: cherry eye, eye ulcer and cataracts. When the dog suffers from cherry eye, there is a red bulge in one of the corners of the eyes. Some doctors say that it is not a life-threatening issue for your dog. The reasons for the cherry eye are not yet known but many veterinary doctors believe that it must be due to some problems in the tissues of the eyelid.
When it comes to eye ulcer, there are lesions that are found in some of the cells of the cornea. They are quite painful to the dog and this is the reason why you need to be very careful about such problems. Sometimes it would be really traumatic to see your pet suffering from a disorder of these kinds. The eyes of your pet will become blood red in color. This is the reason why you need to give adequate attention to him when you actually see any of the symptoms.
When it comes to the cataracts, you can observe a sort of cloudiness in the tissues of the eyes. It normally occurs more in the olden dogs than in the younger ones. If the dog is suffering from cataracts, the vision is expected to deteriorate and there are chances of the dog becoming blind. This is the reason why you need to start the treatment if you actually observe the symptoms of cataract in your pet.
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