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Three Activities You Need To Do Perfectly For Puppy Crate Training Success

You can probably guess the first activity for puppy crate training success - you need to select the right size crate for your dog. According to the experts, "crate training is generally accepted to be the most effective and efficient means of house training a puppy in a short space of time." But if the crate is too big, your puppy will use one end as a bed and one end as a toilet, which totally defeats the purpose of crate training!
The Next Activity That Must Be Perfected
A puppy house training schedule is an absolute must have! If this sounds rather regimented - you're right! If you and your family members fail to come up schedule for your puppy's activities, you will be puppy crate training for much longer than the usual one to two months. In fact, your dog may never be housebroken if you choose to wing crate training.
What's a schedule look like?
Here's sample schedule of a morning's crate training:
7:00 am: Wake up. Puppy comes outside with you for a toilet break.
7:25: Breakfast time.
7:45: Back outside for another toilet break
7.50 - 8.45: Play-time! Puppy is out of the crate being actively played with, cuddled, etc.
8.45: Outside for another toilet break.
8.50 - 11:00: Puppy goes back in the crate for a nap
11:00 am: Puppy comes outside with you for a toilet break.
11.05 - 12.30: Playtime! Puppy is out of the crate being played with and petted.
12:30: Lunch time.
12:45: Puppy comes outside with you for a toilet break.
1 - 3.30: Puppy goes back in the crate for a nap.
... and so on throughout the day.
The Final Activity You Must Perfect
Once you have designed a schedule for puppy crate training - follow it! An unsupervised puppy who is not housebroken is an accident waiting to happen!
There are exceptions; for example, illness or a vet visit can force you to seriously revise the day's schedule.
Remember The Objective Of Puppy Crate Training - No accidents!
Helpful Resources
This squidoo lens module describes selecting the right sized crate: http://www.squidoo.com/More-Crate-Training-Tips#module101351881

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